Children’s Division 1 – Ages 3-5

Level Requirements
Tot Ballet 1 – 45-minute class a week
Pre-Ballet 1 – 1 45-minute class a week

Children’s Division 1 is a wonderful introduction to the art of dance using creativity and expression through movement. Students will develop motor skills and coordination as well as attention and listening skills in a safe nurturing environment. These technique based classes will not only prepare students for further dance training but encourage them to develop an appreciation and passion for the art of dance.

Children’s Division 2 – Ages 6-8

Level Requirements
Pre-Ballet 2 – 2 1-hour classes a week
Pre-Ballet 3 – 2 1-hour classes a week

Children’s Division 2 expands on dance fundamentals, including body alignment, ballet vocabulary, and basic positions. Exercises emphasize proper placement of the body and students will be introduced to musicality and spatial awareness. The Children’s Division 2 prepares students for the next level of ballet training and is a great foundation for the study of any dance form.

Primary Division – Ages 8-11

Level Requirements
Ballet 1 – 3 1-hour classes a week
Ballet 2 – 3 90-minute classes a week
Ballet 3 – 4 90-minute classes a week

Primary Division students transition from the Children’s Division and enter a more structured class environment. Formal training of barre and center work will continue to strengthen the ballet basics learned in previous levels. Students will learn new steps and dance vocabulary as well as develop leg and feet strength in preparation for pointe work. In addition to cultivating strong ballet technique, students gain valuable life skills including self-discipline, motivation, critical thinking, and self-esteem.

Intermediate Division – Ages 11-15

Level Requirements
Ballet 4 – 4 2-hour classes a week
Ballet 5 – 4 2-hour classes a week
Ballet 6 – 5 2-hour classes a week

Intermediate division students continue to strengthen their ballet technique and develop a greater awareness of body movement. Pointe work is integrated into classes and will increase in complexity and difficulty as students’ progress. Classical repertoire is introduced, teaching students ballet history and appreciation as well as developing artistry, musicality, and personality. Performance opportunities are available in company productions enriching the student’s confidence and self-esteem.

Advanced/Trainee Division – Ages 15 & up

Level Requirements
Ballet 7 – 5 2-hour classes a week

Advanced Ballet 5 2-hour classes a week

The advanced/trainee division is for the serious dancer who is committed to perfecting their dancing skills. Students are placed in an atmosphere of high level training, where further exposure to repertoire and increased performance opportunities prepare them for a career in dance. Advanced level students are eligible to audition for FBT Trainees, Festival Ballet Theatre’s second company. If accepted, students are expected to maintain a high level of excellence and commitment in the classroom, performances, and community outreach.

Adult Open Division – Ages 16 & up

The adult division is open to all adults who want to dance. Class time will be spent on barre, center, across the floor and stretching combinations that will be adjusted for different levels of ability as needed.

Boy’s Classes – Ages 10 & up

Boy’s classes are for boys ages 10 and older that have at least one year of serious ballet training. Exercises at the barre, center and across the floor will be focused on technique necessary for male ballet dancers.

Character Classes – Ages 10 & up

Character dance is integral to much of classical ballet repertoire. It is the stylized representation of a traditional folk or national dance, normally from a European country and uses movements and dance which have been adapted for the theatre. Ballets such as Swan Lake, Don Quixote and The Nutcracker feature character dance.

Contemporary Classes – Ages 10 & up

Contemporary classes will consist of abstract movements that combine modern and classical ballet elements. Exercises in the class will focus on improving flexibility, extension, core strength, balance and musicality.

Hip Hop Classes – Ages 10 & up

Hip Hop classes are upbeat and high energy classes that teach the fundamentals of hip hop movement. Exercises and combinations in the class will focus on improving stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength, funky footwork and memorization.

Jazz Classes – Ages 7 & up

Jazz classes are fun and energetic classes that teach the fundamentals of jazz movement. Exercises and combinations in the class will focus on improving stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, turns, leaps and memorization.

Stretch Classes – Ages 13 & up

Stretch classes are a great supplement for dancers who want to improve their ballet training. Exercises in class will focus on building core strength, finding and maintaining balance, and increasing flexibility.