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Our students’ accomplishments testify to the success of our program. Dancers have been accepted and awarded scholarships to attend the summer programs at the schools of major ballet companies, and many have gone on to professional careers in dance.

Southland Ballet Academy students have participated in prestigious ballet competitions and exhibitions around the world, bringing home many awards and acknowledgements.  These include annual representation at regional and national finals of Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP), the Spotlight Awards at the Los Angeles Music Center, and Southland Ballet Dancers have represented the United States in the Prix de Lausanne Ballet Competition in Switzerland, and the First International Ballet Competition in Nagoya, Japan.

2020 Student Accomplishments

  • YAGP Regionals:
    Huntington Beach:
    Sophia Johncox, 2nd Place, Classical, Senior
    Sadie Lee, 3rd Place, Classical, Senior
    Chamonix Bas, Top 24, Classical, Senior
    Anjoulie Kempton, Top 24, Classical, Senior
    Elise Cho, 3rd Place, Classical, Junior
    Emma Chen, Top 12, Classical, Junior
    Natalie Ho, Top 24, Classical, Junior
    Yuma Kainuma, Top 24, Classical, Junior
    Halle Chan, Top 12, Classical, Pre-Competitive
    Afina Gosla, Top 12, Classical,  Pre-CompetitiveSeattle:
    Angelina Jones, 1st Place Classical and Top 12 Contemporary, Pre-Competitive
    Aurora Kellogg, 3rd Place, Classical, 2nd Place, Contemporary, Pre-CompetitivePhoenix:
    Aurora Kellogg, 1st Place, Classical, Pre-Competitive

    San Diego:
    Ashley Lew, Grand Prix, Senior
    Ashley Chung, 2nd Place, Classical, Junior
    Kaili Corsten, Top 24, Classical, Junior
    Aimee Cho, Top 24, Classical, Junior
    Michelle Lu, Top 24, Classical, Junior
    Clara Han, Top 12, Classical, Pre-Competitive
    Kotone Matsuzaki, Top 12, Classical, Pre-Competitive
    Bella Dinglasan, Top 12, Classical, Pre-Competitive

    Las Vegas:
    Daira Podolsky, Top 12, Classical, Junior

    San Francisco:
    Lee Zucker-Murray, Top 24, Classical, Junior

    Los Angeles:
    Samantha Santos, Top 12, Classical and Contemporary, Senior
    Sophia Koo, 2nd Place Classical and 3rd Place Contemporary, Junior
    Justine LeCave, 2nd Place Contemporary and Top 12 Classical, Junior
    Haruna Shirai, Top 12, Classical, Junior
    Keira Kuennemann, Top 24, Classical, Junior
    Hunter Curry, Top 12 Contemporary and Top 24 Classical, Junior
    Lana Zylstra, Top 24, Classical, Junior
    Brielle Aucoin, 3rd Place, Classical, Pre-Competitive
    Kotone Matsuzaki, Top 12, Contemporary, Pre-Competitive

  • The Music Center’s Spotlight 2020
    Ashley Lew, Classical Ballet, Grand Prize Finalist