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Southland Students to Attend Ballet Summer Intensives Around the World

When all the auditions are done and the regular school year is over, it's time for Summer Intensive.  Ballet Summer Intensives provide opportunities for dance students to work on their technique and artistry. While our own Southland Ballet Academy offers outstanding professional ballet training year round as well as in our own Summer Intensives and [...]

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The Heart of a Volunteer

The importance of volunteers to Festival Ballet Theatre cannot be overstated. Every ballet production is a product of the hard work of many volunteers. Through the years, we have had parents, students, and supporters who have dedicated their time and talents to our organization. As we celebrate Festival Ballet Theatre’s 30th year, we would like [...]

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Ballet Summer Intensive Auditions

The beginning of the year is audition season in the world of ballet. During the first quarter of the year, ballet academies across the world hold auditions for their respective summer intensive programs. Summer Intensives are a good opportunity for aspiring dancers to try a different ballet style, learn from other ballet teachers, and see [...]

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Andi Schermoly’s Plume: New Ballet Promotes Environmental Awareness

Choreographer and performer Andrea “Andi” Schermoly returned to Festival Ballet Theatre to create a new ballet piece. Over the past few months, we’ve watched her creation take place. The work, “Plume,” a contemporary ballet is set to premiere on Saturday, October 13, 2018 at the Irvine Barclay Theatre, as part of FBT’s production, “Ovation.” We [...]

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Watch the U.S. Premiere of Juliano Nunes’ new work

  Brazilian dancer and choreographer Juliano Nunes, who currently dances with the Royal Ballet of Flanders (Belgium), is one of our distinguished guest artists in this year's Gala of the Stars. We caught up with Juliano and chatted with him about his pieces set to be performed at the Gala. Juliano Nunes and Morgan [...]

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What It’s Like Being a Ballerina Dance Mom

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we interviewed four Southland Ballet Academy parents to talk about what it’s like being a Dance Mom to a Ballerina. Michelle Le Blanc, Mom to Avery, 14 and Levi, 7 No stranger to the Festival Ballet Theatre stage, Michelle has also appeared in many of our productions and has been [...]

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10 Interesting Facts about Coppélia

Written by Kailea Spitaleri Note: Festival Ballet Theatre Facebook fan Kailea messaged us to say she was really excited by our upcoming production of Coppélia, as she is writing a novel based on the ballet. These facts she shared are based on her research. Watch Coppélia, featuring guest artists Beckanne Sisk and Chase O’ Connell [...]

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A Quick Look at Festival Ballet Theatre’s Coppelia

“It’s like a rom-com ballet,” said one Festival Ballet Theatre fan about the upcoming production of Coppélia. This classic ballet involves a mysterious inventor, Doctor Coppélius, a doll and some village youths. Basically, Dr. Coppelius creates a life-size dancing doll that is so lifelike that Franz, a young man from the village becomes infatuated with [...]

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Beckanne Sisk and Chase O’Connell Join Festival Ballet Theatre For Coppelia

Fountain Valley, Calif., February 1, 2018 – Festival Ballet Theatre will enchant Orange County audiences with its performance of Coppélia on March 24 and 25 at the Irvine Barclay Theatre.  Following a very successful Nutcracker season of sold-out performances, FBT presents the sentimental comic story which will delight audiences with its humor and charm. Set [...]

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Southland Ballet Academy Students Receive Scholarships

The start of the New Year marks the beginning of the summer intensive audition season in the world of ballet. Aspiring professional dancers prepare rigorously for their auditions. For many, it is a chance to kick their ballet up a notch; it is also an opportunity to experience a summer away from home in their [...]

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